Willowdene Nursery School

What do we do?

We are always thinking about what we do ... and how we can do it better!


It is best to see what we do by visiting the Nursery - you are welcome at any time.

Briefly, we have a wide variety of equipment and materials to cater for the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. We follow the EYFS catering for the child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. We explore our local area of Parks, Woodland and Shop and encourage links with the community (Schools, Library, Farms, Inter-generational visits etc). 

Our children enjoy a play-based environment that is structured to include all early learning needs. We plan activities and experiences that will help children develop and learn. A broad curriculum is planned  and the progress of each child is monitored to ensure that all children fulfil their potential.We encourage each child to develop a thirst for knowledge that involves interest, enthusiasm and pride.

Our setting is designed to ensure a comfortable and cosy environment where each child can be given the utmost care, attention and security. 

Before starting Nursery we warmly welcome children to visit with their parents/carers enabling them to be familiarised with the Nursery environment. We aid transitions between rooms by a settling in process which is tailored to each individual child. 

For further details of our curriculum please click here. For more detailed information on each of our rooms, please click on the rooms from the drop down menu above.

We take our role as educators very seriously and we believe that, by providing an atmosphere that encourages children to be independent and to experiment and  explore, we are developing an enthusiasm for learning that will be with them throughout their education.

"Every child should be given the wish to learn"

Follow the Willowdene road to......Exploration, Investigation, Imagination and Improvisation