Willowdene Nursery School


Our mission is to be a happy team, with happy children and happy parents too!


The staff work as a team to encourage and help your child to enjoy learning and playing together. We are dedicating to caring for young children.

We pride ourselves on being a happy and motivated Nursery team, we aim to cherish and nurture every child:

"Children may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel"     Anonymous

It is important to have a mutually trusting, communicative and co-operative relationship with everyone caring for your child. Thats why, when you join the Nursery, you will be given a key person who will be your child's primary carer: to help them, and you, build that essential secure bond.

We are:
Marilyn Hargraves (Owner/Manager, Safeguarding Lead)
Rebecca Robinson (Deputy Manager)

Nichola Sarnicki (Office Manager)

Emily Matthews (Deputy Manager and Pre-school room leader)

Abbie Cassell

Avril Baker

Chelsea Wickens (Apprentice)

Kim Partlow - Baby room leader with Isabella Brett and Abbie Needham

Leigh Craig - Walkers & Talkers room leader with Phoebe Davenport, Emily Tubb and Maisie Stewart


All staff are qualified to NVQ Level 3 in Childcare, with specialist experience and qualifications in special needs and safeguarding. Every member of staff is trained in Paediatric First Aid. Safeguarding and Food Hygiene training is regular and up to date so you can trust how seriously we take our responsibilities. 

The staff are committed to helping young children achieve their full potential and to this aim are willing to increase their professional development through attending training courses etc.

Staff Vacancies


We have no vacancies at present however if you would like to be considered for Bank Staff then please do get in touch - either by email or telephone.  

Follow the Willowdene Road to.....Building positive relationships